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Jess McClellan
Compliance and Quality Control Manager

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Jess McClellan joined Mortgage Lending Services in 2017 as a Compliance and Quality Control Manager. Leveraging over 20 years of industry experience in all facets of residential mortgage lending, Jess provides compliance guidance to all business units. While enhancing policies, procedures and processes, Jess identifies and mitigates risks and assesses the applicability of new or changing regulations.  His contributions help to ensure each interaction with members, potential borrowers and industry partners is held to the highest standard of professionalism, quality and regulatory alignment. 

Jess earned his MBA from Florida State University, which includes a concentration in real estate finance and analysis.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance, economics and international business from Central Michigan University, which includes business and economics concentrations from Manchester Business School, Moscow School of Business, and the University of Exeter, England.

In his free time, Jess enjoys traveling and spending time with family, as well as writing, recording and performing music.  


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